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IT Consultancy

Whether you have a project coming up or you just want some adhoc assistance setting something up we can offer you IT consultancy on an hourly basis. We can help you at any stage from the planning stage through to implementation and deployment.

With a wealth of experience in GDPR, IT management and IT security we can tailor any solution to fit your requirements. We can go through all the issues you are experiencing and find solutions that will be the best fit for your problem and budget.


As we are proficient in many online cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google's Gsuite we can help you implement these if you don't have anything already or offer consultancy on the fine tuning of the configurations.

You may have issues with the current setup and want to overhaul with a more streamlined and efficient service. Alternatively you may want to upgrade from your current platform to a more GDPR compliant solution.

One way or another we specialise in taking companies to the next level in their IT approach based on security, data protection and flexability.

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