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GDPR Consultancy

EU GDPR has been with us since May 2018. While the UK has left the EU and our withdrawal agreement runs out on the 1st January 2021 it is here to stay and will be copied into UK law and known as UK GDPR. The EU-US Privacy shield mechanism for transferring data to the US has also just been voided. We can help now more than ever with your compliance.

In Meeting

We offer our GDPR consultancy services to businesses across the UK, big and small. You may need an hour or two for some advice or maybe you would like to spread your compliance project out on a monthly retainer basis. Not only do we have our own in house talent, but we have also partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry to allow us to deliver on any data protection project, no matter how big or complex.

what services we can offer

Gap Assessments

GDPR gap assessments are very useful tools to get a top level look at the areas of an organisation that need most help to reach compliance. We usually do these either on their own, at the beginning of projects or as part of an annual audit.

Breach Notification

That dreaded moment when an organisation realises that they have a personal data breach on their hands. Our fully qualified experts can take control of the process, ensure that the breach is controlled, write a professional report and submit it to the ICO for you.

Subject access requests handling

There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to handling data subject access requests. We help organisations with these, from what needs to be provided and what can be withheld to how to handle data subjects.

Data processing impact assessments

If a process is likely to cause a high risk to the data subjects, particularly if new technology is being used, a DPIA must be done prior to the processing. If your process is already in place we can help too, we can do one at any stage. Better late than never!


An important part of the GDPR is the requirement for data protection by design and data protection by default. We help organisations plan their systems, processes and applications to ensure that this key requirement is there from the ground, up.

Data audits

Most organisations don't know what data they process, or at least, they don't know about all of the data they process. We help organisations discover what data they process, why they process it, what legal basis they have, how long they keep it for and help create records of processing to file in the compliance folder.

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